Challis has been a local name in Mount Lawley for over half a century. The development is located on the former Highgate Dry Cleaners site, run by the Challis family since the 1950s. The refurbished Dry Cleaners will be part of Challis when completed, continuing a proud legacy that has given so much back to the local community.

This history will also be captured through Challis’ design elements, with a stunning mix of art deco elements and modern elegance paying tribute to the changing Mount Lawley architectural scene over the years. Having made a name for itself as one of Perth’s most stylish and prestigious suburbs from the start, Mount Lawley continues to offer a lifestyle like no other – and Challis puts you right at the centre of it all.

Blending effortless charm and a truly enviable location, Challis is where life meets style.

8 Levels

including cafe, retail, office & art / event space

Only 26 Apartments

Beaufort Street View



539 Beaufort Street,
Mount Lawley